About us

We have gained a great deal of experience in the production services, public administration, logistics and energy sectors, as well as in health care, where our management has operated for more than 20 years, first at public health system facilities and then working with leading private health care system organizations. In this context, ManyDesigns has computerized the main administrative and health care processes produced by outpatient and hospital facilities, acquiring particular domain expertise in the management of access under insurance conventions. Since 2017, we have capitalized on the know-how thus acquired by creating a series of proprietary software solutions, the best known of which, Personal eClaim®, is still the only product on the market capable of automating the acquisition, management and interchange of health insurance claims data with the portals of the main Italian funds and insurance companies.

Digital Innovation

Our Story

We're international

Our team has colleagues from different nationalities and cultures.

This allows us to speak ten different languages and approach international projects in the best way. The idioms we know are: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Macedonian, Arabic and Farsi.


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Accessibility and Inclusion

We develop accessible solutions to enable everyone to take advantage of our products and services.
That is the reason why we have created the LAW Web Accessibility Laboratory: a joint laboratory with the University of Genoa through which we experiment and test our solutions in an inclusive and accessible way. https://simav.unige.it/law.

In addition, we have started a collaboration with SimAv (Simulation and Advanced Training Center of the University of Genoa) for the development of accessible web software for the purpose of research, common knowledge development and innovative applications of industrial interest.
In this context, an internship for “Accessible Software Developer” has been activated, joining our programs for training highly qualified personnel.

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Our Team

ManyDesign can rely on horizontal work teams that enjoy a high degree of organizational autonomy. We are experts with a diverse background that makes us flexible to market needs and allows our resources to grow within the organization. Our company culture has always been innovative: without time clocking, coercive controls and strict rules, but rather with a focus on involvement and common goals.

Software developers
Application specialists
Programmer analysts
System Engeneers

Work Ethics

A horizontal team to work quickly, efficiently and flexibly. Our Work Ethic is based on the team cross strategy, which facilitates employees’ work and creates a work atmosphere that suits everyone. In addition to customer satisfaction, we also aim for the satisfaction of those who work for ManyDesigns.

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