Map of Methodologies

Our goal is to identify and develop new opportunities for companies. We apply different working methodologies always starting from the analysis of individual projects.

The experience of our development teams enables us to implement high-reliability solutions, ensuring continuity of service even in mission critical settings.

Our solutions are fully accessible.
We curate together with the University of Genoa the LAW – Laboratory of Web Accessibility


We design complex architectures with our customers and partners with very high reliability.

We take charge of applications developed by third parties with a view to continuous development, improvement and management.

We are specialists in building tailor-made solutions from scratch in terms of both development and infrastructure.

We provide Application Cyber Security services through static and dynamic analysis of code and all application components.

We have gained considerable experience in application performance with which we improve our applications and those of our clients.

Our pipeline allows us to carry out projects with seamless innovations and no service interruptions for the client’s applications.

The technologies used are always up-to-date and allow our clients to approach the market having the guarantee of constant technological support. In this way the company can focus more effectively on its business.

We are experts in rule engines, which are useful where the complexity of systems is very high.

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We are specialists in using middleware technologies and Open Source frameworks, which provide flexibility and benefits to the customer.

We created, shared and are the manteiners of Portofino, an Open Source web framework that we maintain and develop over time, to date downloaded and used by more than 200,000 users

We provide customized solutions based on Alfresco ECM and other Open Source documentals. We do workflows, integration and extensions.

We develop Big Data solutions in various industries for monitoring and predictive maintenance.

We develop mobile-native apps customized to and in support of our Web applications.

We are Select Partner of Amazon AWS and have solid experience with Microsoft Azure. Our solutions make the most of both services natively.