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From corporate email to staff attendance software. Improve business administrative management with our mdinfo@ and mdHR programs.

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Solutions for Technology Sector Players

Our taylor-made solutions accompany customers toward the possibilities offered by technological innovation. We have created ad hoc programs needed to upgrade the systems of various players in the technology industry.

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Solutions for Public Administrations

We have established ongoing relationships with Public Administration entities to implement solutions on technical specifications and functionality. Projects are subsequently made available to other interested public administrations through publication in the National Catalogue of Reuse, managed by the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID). All ManyDesigns administrative-type solutions are fully accessible and, upon request, available in multi-device mode.

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Solutions for SMEs and Smart Companies

We create software solutions to improve the productivity of medium to large companies aiming for the digital revolution. Ad hoc enterprise email programs, attendance management and skills sharing: these are our simple solutions for smart companies.

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Original software

computer con email aperta



Management of corporate e-mail through the info@ address and other accounts.


For all companies that no longer want to lose a contact.


Simplifies and automates the handling of requests sent to corporate emails.

businessman con mani raccolte intorno a gruppo di persone



Attendance and business skills management software.


Ideal for medium to large and expanding teams.


Simplifies attendance management and optimizes business skills by making them shared. Also in mobile.

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