Healthcare Solutions

We create unique software solutions for the Healthcare market. Our projects aim to improve the competitiveness of healthcare companies through digital transformation of business, management and marketing processes.

Unique solutions

We provide highly specialized consulting to optimize internal processes in the Healthcare sector, automating frequent processes and saving operators time. Our state-of-the-art products cover market areas not covered by other players, such as patient administrative management, automatic interchange with major insurance companies, OnLine Self Acceptance, and admission scheduling. In addition, our software improves every stage of patient hospitalization through specific programs, apps and innovations.

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Original software

Discover what Personal eClaim, Personal ePlan & Personal eCare can do for your health care business. All solutions are also available as SaaS.

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Personal eClaim


Administrative management software for solvent and insured patients.


Dedicated to inpatient and outpatient facilities.


Simplifies and automates the management of reservations, billing budgeting and collections.

The benefits of Personal eClaim

  • Reduced in insurance disputes (- 80%)
  • Reduced check-in time at the counter (- 40%)
  • Increase in patients managed entirely in self admission ( + 60%)
  • improvement in collection time (-1 Month)
  • Reduction in insurance processing time ( – 50%)
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Personal ePlan


Program for automated management of outpatient and inpatient booking and clinical pathways.


Optimizes the management of service delivery, check-ups, pre-hospitalizations, clinical trials, rehabilitation pathways, and inpatient scheduling.


Simplifies and automates the management of reservations, billing budgeting and collections.

The benefits of Personal ePlan

  • One-click patient pathway reservations.
  • Optimization of availability on the agenda.
  • Analysis of the saturation level of dispensers, machinery and resources.
  • Contextual programming of operating rooms and beds.
  • Use of artificial intelligence to optimize available resources and facilities (+ 80%)
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Personal eCare


social worker’s digital agenda.


Dedicated to social and health care facilities.


streamlines access and sharing of patient record data and information by increasing the effectiveness, security and immediacy of processes.

The benefits of Personal eCare

  • use in contexts characterized by low informatization.
  • Ideal for organizing tasks and types of operators.
  • Monitoring service quality indicators.
  • Facilitated monitoring of residents’ health status.
  • low cost through software-as-a-service design.

Security & Accessibility

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Information security:

ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017:2015, ISO 27018:2019.

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