The Way Forward

We create advanced software solutions capable of overcoming the technological challenges of the future.
With our expertise, we build change together with clients that leads to new value.

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Why choose us

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Our applications

We have solutions designed exclusively to improve and upgrade the competitiveness of today’s healthcare companies.


The digital transformation of processes optimizes patient reception, administrative management, and credit recovery.

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Personal eClaim®

Automates the management of solvent and contracted insurance patients. It takes care of every step of the process: from initial contact with the patient, to online self-acceptance, to automated insurance claims processing. A best-in-class solution used by leading healthcare facilities in Italy.

Stetoscopio sulla scrivania e documenti e logo ePlan

Personal ePlan®

Facilitate the booking system for all services that constitute complex clinical pathways. It automatically manages space and waiting list allocation; it also acts as a conduit between insurance company booking systems and corporate appointment books. Ideal for inpatient and outpatient facilities that wish to optimize the management of bundled supply of services.

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Technological Sector Players

The major technology groups that choose us have decided to focus on developing highly innovative solutions. Mentoring, architectural design, application development, revamping and more: on the solutions implemented we guarantee our client support and maintenance at every stage of the project.

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Public Administrations

Our experience is applied to the development of innovative solutions in the Public Administration sector (Local Authorities, Universities, Public Participations, Healthcare Companies, etc.). In this field we have gained important know-how targeted at responding to the peculiar needs of public administration. Innovative technologies and compliance with specific regulatory constraints are always the focus of projects.

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Smart Companies and SME

The number of SMEs choosing us to implement complex solutions to automate their data and production processes is increasing. We support the digital transition and modernize the processes of all kinds of companies in order to transform them into a Smart company.

Our development team


Our competences were born by developing Open Source solutions. We have grown by focusing on Agile design and development methodologies by directing our choices based on continuous technology scouting.

Work Ethics

Our development team has grown because of our shared love of code and because we provide our colleagues with a hyper flexible, dynamic and positive work environment. We are developers for developers.


We are also inclusive in code: we want the solutions we create to be usable and usable by everyone.

We curate together with the University of Genoa the LAW Web Accessibility Laboratory.